pictures of who you are right now

the messy and beautiful moments of everyday life

family stories (2 hours) ~ mini day in the life (3-4 hours) ~ and day in the life (8+ hours)

photos OR photos & film

Session fees including high resolution digital files begin at $295


My house is messy. Why would I want to document that?

Why is your house messy? Is it the leftover crafts and paints from yesterday? Is it the train tracks that never get put away? Is it the mess from breakfast? All of these things are part of life, and part of what you and your kids will remember. Besides, I shoot pretty open (meaning the background is usually blurred a bit :)

We want to paint/remodel/update things. Maybe we should wait until that is done.

Repeat after me: "I will not compare my dwelling to the snippets of dwellings I see on Instagram and Pinterest" Your house is perfect just the way it is right now. If you wait to document your life until you have everything the way you want, you will be waiting forever.

We are boring. We watch TV and play on phones and iPads. 

Everyone does! I promise! We can plan a few activities around my visit if it makes it less stressful for you.

My kids are kind of crazy. 

So are mine! Everyone has crazy moments. We would be amiss to hide them all. When we aren't trying to have a perfect portrait, kids are much more relaxed, and so are parents!

What in the world do I do with all of these pictures?

Print them. Seriously. You know what is more fun that swiping pictures on a phone? Snuggling up with loved ones and holding them in your hands, sharing memories. All of my collections include print products. You can choose a custom album, a handcrafted box of prints or an heirloom wall hanging.

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