a homecoming {photos & film} and a new website!

So excited to bring you my new website today along with an incredibly special video slideshow of a homecoming from earlier this month. I have to tell you, Joanna contacted me many moons ago with the sweetest letter about my birth photography, so when she said she was interested in some pictures from her hubby's homecoming, I was elated to be able to help. 

Why the new website? Well, a couple of reasons, but mostly, because I love documenting families, and that doesn't always coincide with a birth or maternity or newborn pictures, so I wanted a separate space to do that. 

What other kind of pictures can you expect? stories and love. that's it! I am incredibly excited to offer Saturday morning sessions soon, so stay tuned for more details about those!

Please enjoy the video, and get some tissues ready!

also, special thanks to our friend April (who you might recognize from pictures throughout both sites, lol) for sharing some iPhone video that I added in :)