intimate in-home couples session || reno, nv

Jaimie contacted me and asked if I was willing to do pictures even though she didn't have kids- and of course! I remember these lazy mornings before we had kids, and while I love the crazy wrestling match, giggle-filled mornings I have now, I still like to reminisce about mornings when it was just Jason and I. What do you want to remember about your Saturday or Sunday mornings? 

When you look through your pictures, do you want to remember the stress-filled day it took to get there or do you want to remember the smiles and kisses and giggles from an every-day perspective. These everyday moments turn into our life, and that is why I like to document them! 

So here's to a lazy Sunday morning in bed with your family or partner <3 

PS - You don't need a special reason to do a mini-day-in-the-life! Your own regular, weekends are special enough, I promise :) Contact me for more details!