what in the heck is documentary photography?

and other frequently asked questions...

What in the heck is documentary photography?

This exact definition may depend on who you ask. Wikipedia defines it as "a popular form of photography used to chronicle events or environments both significant and relevant to history and historical events as well as everyday life.” It is a style of photojournalism, in which I spend time with my clients capturing honest and memorable moments. Little moments that might otherwise be forgotten. I will give you, as the client, very little direction, although the session can be planned around a favorite activity or event.

What if I really want one picture of everyone looking at the camera?

One for the wall, eh?? no problem! We can devote 15-20 minutes of your session for a posed family photograph or 30 minutes in a longer session :)

What if my kids turn into monsters who are crying and screaming? 

I love monsters! I have two at home. In all seriousness, though, it’s no problem with sessions like these. When I am there for several hours, there is still plenty of time to capture those sweet as American pie moments in-between the sour lemonade ones :) Also, because these sessions are so laid back, parents are less stressed, and it’s easier to get through these fun moments.

My family is a bit boring. Like, we watch TV all day long and don’t talk to each other because we are on our phones. 

Don’t we all?? Digital media is a part of everyone’s life. If you really worried about this, it’s easy to plan something to do as a family ahead of time. Think about things that make you smile. Think about things that make your kids laugh. What would be a special Saturday morning activity to capture? PS- these everyday moments that may seem boring translate to beautiful memories on film. I promise! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be offering this type of photography.

Some ideas with kids: reading books, baking cookies, blowing bubbles, dance party, tag, hide and seek, bath time, brushing teeth, making beds, picking flowers or weeds, neighborhood walks, park visits, meals… also, fun seasonal things like pumpkin patch visits, apple picking or berry picking, hikes and camping. 

My house is generally a mess, and it stresses me out to think about you photographing it!

Ok- again. I get it, but honestly, you won't even notice the clutter in the pictures when you see the emotion of connection between you and your kids :) Also- instead of buying new outfits or getting your hair done, you could pay for a cleaning service if you are that worried, lol.

I want to wait until... I've lost weight... we've remodeled the house...I have cuter decor.

Okay. Repeat after me. You and your family are worthy of documentation as you are right now. No waiting until you think you have a instagram drool-worthy house or family. Trying to keep up with instagram accounts is a good way to wallow in fear. The idea of a perfectly curated house is a sham, and your house is perfect just the way it is, and more importantly, it is how the kids will remember it, when they are older and looking through your box of pictures! PS- you will never be ready if you keep waiting :)

We don’t have kids, but I would love to capture a slow morning with my partner.

Awesome!!! I would love to come document. Slow mornings in bed or at the farmer’s market or local coffee shop with Jason before we had kids are such fond memories, and I love to think back to them. You will be so happy to have them later, and your kids will love to see them later, too, since this life before kids is often such a mystery to them, lol.


Other questions?? Drop me a line! 

Still need more ideas outside of your home for a shorter session?? pumpkin patches, camping, roasting marshmallows, skiing, hiking, picking out a Christmas tree... the list goes on and on! PS- my friend Kelly captured us picking out a Christmas tree a few year ago, and it is still one of my favorite sessions we have done as a family!